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Hey, long time no see! We are still working on that adventure game with dinos and things are looking pretty awesome.


We got a story down and started to flesh out the world. We also got a demo in the works that you can play early next year.


At the same time, we are preparing for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign so that we can get the game to live up to our expectations and make it a reality. That means an awesome trailer, more details on the story and puzzles and loads of awesome rewards!


That’s it! Enjoy our little gif(t)s and see you again super soon!


Yo Newground(er)s, just letting you guys know that the little game we uploaded more than a year ago, THEROPODS is being remade into a full version!

We got many positive responses to it and we get asked about a longer version, so that's all the excuse we need to draw more pixel dinosaurs! We are preparing a KICKSTARTER campaign, so do keep an eye on us if you wanna know how it's going!

Here is Tinystuffz showing you how shit gets done.








Hey guys, me and some ultra talented people made a game!


'Who are those ultra talented people?' you ask? Why, only Seething Swarm, TinyStuffz and ZStriefel ! If you dont know their work, make sure you check out their awesome stuff.

So we all teamed up and made this game for  Adventure Game Jam within two weeks. If you enjoyed it, please VOTE HERE, 2 days left to do so.

ALSO, we have some art from the rough backgrounds of the game, before they get turned into sweet pixels by the awesome Tinystuffz

Campfire- Intro


Exploration Jungle


Triceratops' Cliffs


So that is the plan, just make rough drawings with like two colours, and then ask your pixel artist to make the whole thing look good for you and you are pretty much done.

Sup bros.

We got a stealth-action puzzle platformer in the making, much to the style of 'Oddworld' and (the old) 'Prince of Persia'.

You can find a preview of what the finished product might look like HERE

Our team at the moment consists of myself and the awesome Zstriefel and we need a programmer to seal the deal. So if you are a programmer, you like what you are seeing and want to join, let us know.

Programmer wanted for 'Oddworld'-style game

Guns + Hot Chicks + Explosions - Hot Chicks = Action Packed Film

2011-11-08 14:36:42 by Valerofond

Here is my annual non-flash related post:

Me and some friends are participating in an airsoft-related video contest and need to get as many 'likes' on youtube as possible so that we have a chance to win it (win the contest, not youtube).

Featuring original music by Parry Hatridge

So check it out and if you enjoy it, please 'like' it.

'Groundhog Day' with guns and gyros

2010-12-07 08:53:36 by Valerofond

Hey duders,

I made a short action packed film and thought you might wanna check it out.

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It's in Greek and I'd love some feedback from you folks. Did I mention Harry Partridge did the art for it? No? Well, guess what. Harry Partridge did the art for it.

And if you do like it, spread the love, show it to people. We need all the exposure we can get so we can start making some more films and step up our game:)

Speaking of short films and Harry Partridge, we are shooting one starting this week.It involves monsters and killing them.

'Groundhog Day' with guns and gyros

Summoning actors of the voice

2010-06-15 06:37:57 by Valerofond

First of all, a ginormousTHANK YOU for making 'War, Snow and Fire' be one of the 5 finalists of 2010 for movies on Newgrounds. Didn't expect people to like it that much, so thanks to everyone who took their time to watch, comment and vote.

It's been over a year since I have done any animated short film, mainly because I am in the military (which is compulsory btw), but in less than 2 months that will be over.

So moving on.


for a short comedy cartoon. Anyone interested , contact me and send me some kind of previous voice acting work of yours ASAP. It's for a couple of male characters. And a magical octopus.

Summoning actors of the voice

Calling all Programmers

2010-02-23 16:49:20 by Valerofond

Hey all programmers,

I am working on a new game and I need someone to program it.

The concept is this- You are the brave Commander Pilot Captain Meow- or just Captain Meow.

You fight your way through planet/levels and beat bosses. However, each of those levels will be different in gameplay: a shooter stage, a platform stage, a beat em up stage, a racing stage etc.

Moreover, the game will be a tribute to all those games most of us grew up with in the 90's. So that means pixel art and 16 bit music.

If you think you've got the skills to pay the bills, make an awesome game and hopefully get sponsor money if possible, then shoot me a PM.

In other news, I am a soldier at the moment, doing my compulsory 9 month service in the Greek army. Not cool ,man.

Calling all Programmers

I am afraid it's true.

That and many more are about to be revealed in our (SeethingSwarm, HappyHarry) upcoming PO3 game coming soon, sooner that you would expect. It's a brawler and the goal is to beat up stuff. I have already said too much.

And in other news, I have completed a short film that was made for Project 21 and won Best Cinematography. Also was nominated for Best Directing, Editing, Sound Design and Special Effects.


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Ok, back to animating.

Is the USA government keeping "aliens" hidden at a secret airbase?


2009-09-07 17:21:45 by Valerofond

Hey dudes (and the 3 girls that are on newgrounds),

I recently completed a short live action film for Project Twenty1, a Philladelphia based film festival.

Premiere is on October the 3rd, you can find the times and place HERE, so if any of you locals are interested, go and watch it for me please, Greece is a bit too far away for me to get there from :(

Here is the trailer for it :

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Below is some concept art for a future thingy I am working on, coming soon (soon being a relative term)

See ya later Alligator